Shocking Turn of Events: Top Networks Applaud as Ireland, Spain, Norway Acknowledge Palestinian State

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On CBS Mornings, hosts Gayle King and Imtiaz Tyab recently buzzed with enthusiasm over Spain, Norway, and Ireland’s decision to unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state. However, what was noticeably absent from the broadcast was even a sliver of concern that this action might actually spur more hostility and incite further terrorism in an already volatile region.

King set this biased narrative in motion, announcing that the three European governments, dubbed “U.S. allies,” would recognize a Palestinian state the following Tuesday. This was clearly presented as big news, with no attempt to provide any insights into potential drawbacks of this decision. Sure, Ireland doesn’t exactly qualify as a treaty ally to the U.S., but the accuracy of facts clearly wasn’t the mission here.

Tyab joined in, explaining how the announcement was a hefty deal, invoking Israel’s furious reaction to the move and justifying it with their decision to recall its ambassadors from Norway and Ireland. Additionally, they’ve labeled the act, in Tyab’s own rephrase, an ‘off-kilter move’. Yet Tyab somehow failed to touch upon the reason behind Israel’s fury.

The glaring omission? The grim reality that these three nations are effectively rewarding terrorism. The terror group Hamas unleashed havoc in Israel with one of the most significant acts of violence against the Jewish state since the Holocaust. Yet these three capitals choose to reward the attackers, thereby signaling to the Palestinians that further unrest might be the key to achieve their objectives.

This cohort, rather being called out on their actions, is applauded by Tyab for their effort to pressure Israel. “The three leaders hope others will follow as part of global pressure to push Israel to accept a political process that could potentially end the fighting in Gaza,” he reported. In essence, all blame was conveniently shifted towards Israel, while none was allocated to the true perpetrators.

Tyab and King were quick to run through reports on “more violence and more death,” but they conveniently overlooked the fact that most of the European nations—including the U.S.—still firmly believe that recognizing a Palestinian state should rightfully be the result of a long-term negotiated two-state solution.

Unfortunately, the troubling trio of Spain, Norway, and Ireland are not likely to bring peace. Instead, their actions may very well incite more terrorism. CBS’s biased reporting of this event is more than disappointing—it’s downright disgraceful. This significant development shouldn’t be whitewashed to fit a narrative but reported with fairness, accuracy, and a critical understanding of its potential repercussions.


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