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Greetings, Athy community! In a world increasingly driven by commercial transactions and monetary exchanges, it’s easy to forget the age-old practice of barter and trade. But what if we told you that we’re bringing it back, right here in Athy? We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with, a platform that’s reviving the barter system and adding a touch of humanity to the marketplace.

The Beauty of Barter

Bartering is as old as civilization itself. It’s a system that thrives on mutual respect, community engagement, and the simple joy of exchanging goods and services without the need for currency. It’s commerce at its most human, a way to connect with others and discover the unique skills and talents that each of us brings to the table.

Why Simbi?

Simbi is a platform that facilitates barter and trade on a global scale. With a wide range of services and goods available, from art and crafts to professional consultations, Simbi offers a marketplace that values skills over currency. It’s a place where you can offer your talents and find others who can provide what you need, all without a single euro changing hands.

How It Works

  1. Create an Account: Visit Simbi and create your profile.
  2. List Your Services: Whether you’re a carpenter, a musician, or a digital marketer, list the services you can offer.
  3. Browse and Trade: Look through the offerings on Simbi and initiate a trade when you find something you need.
  4. Earn and Spend Simbi Credits: For services that don’t align perfectly in value, Simbi uses its own credit system to balance the trade.

The Athy Connection

By partnering with Simbi, aims to foster a local barter community. Imagine trading gardening tips for guitar lessons, or graphic design services for home-cooked meals. It’s a way to engage with your neighbors, enrich your life, and strengthen the fabric of our community.

Join the Movement

Ready to dive into the world of barter? Visit Simbi to create your account and start exploring. Let’s rediscover the joy of trade, the thrill of barter, and the beauty of a marketplace that values humanity over currency.

So there you have it, folks. A new chapter in community engagement, courtesy of and Simbi. Let’s see what each other has to offer and make our marketplace a little more human.

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